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Product name: i Show Laser Software Version 2.3 Description: Laser software for ILDA Animation laser Feature: (1)Words roll function (2)Real time display (3)Coredraw images input directly (Coredraw is a photo designer software) (4)ILDA files play and edit (5)Laser show edit and display (6)Support any laser light with ILDA DB25 interface (7)Support any laser with TTL modulation (8)Maximum control 5pcs laser at same time (9)USB 2.0 interface box Additional functions compare to Version 2.0 (1) Add RJ45 output; (2) The power directly come from USB interface; no need power cable. (3) still kept the power interface, but the voltage for power has been changed to 5V(old version is 12V) (4) Add the "Word Play" in the menu; the new function makes all the work processing job stay at one click. (5) Add the "Quick Play2" in the menu for playing carton file of the small size(if file format) (6) The patterns showed in every page is increased from 24 to 30. (7) Save your time and make it easier to play xxx; No need to save in your PC; and just click "Play". Principle: (1) It connect PC with USB interface and Support Laser light with ILDA DB25 interface (2) ISHOW sent data from PC to USB-BOX via USB port. (3) USB-BOX is a DAC converter. It receives data from PC, then change it to ILDA DB25 signal. (4) Most animation laser light can recognize and use ILDA DB25 signal, It transports via a 25 pin cable. (5) The animation laser light uses scanner to form a pattern, so the pattern is vector format. ISHOW can draw a vector format drawing and can import “. Plt” format(CORELDRAW software can make this format) System Requirement: (1)Compatible with Win9x/Win2000/WinXP/Win98/Win7(32bit) operating systems(except Win97 and Vista) (2) Operation with USB2.0 and USB1.1 graphics interface card, support true color laser projector (3) CPU's clock frequency is 2.4 GHz or above (4) USB port must support USB 2.0 (5) Memory of 256m or above (6) Screen display must support 1024*768 resolution Installation: 1. Connect usb-box to computer, and turn on the power of usb-box 2. Install usb-box driver in CD 3. Install iShowEn software 4. run iShow.exe 5. click ShowEdit Button 6. double-click cartoons.seq Software Operation: After starting i-show.exe, then main window will appear. (1) Main window options buttons are used to open option windows (2) Brush : create and edit basic patterns and ILDA image (3) Play : Manually play drawing and text and ILDA image (4) Section : Design animated using section editing with drawing (5) Sequence : Edit and play animated sequences (6) Convert : convert drawing ,section, ILDA image (7) Device : select devices to be controlled (8) Detect and newly devices to device list Accessories: 1. USB box :110x78x31 mm 2. ILDA cable :1 meter 3. USB cable :1.5 meter 4. CD with drivers and latest software 5. e-Manual in the software Power Supply: AC110V-250V, 50/60HZ, 10W
Product name: Laser Show System - Laser MINI Lighting (APT Lighting) Model name: M-012 Power supply: AC100V-250V,50/60Hz Scanner: High precision step motor Laser diode: Solide state laser, red wavelength 635nm,green wavelength 532nm Laser power: R100mW+G30mW Control mode: Sound Active/Auto Play Display effects: Red and green firefly laser,more than 1000 beams shooted out from the aperture within 70 angles.The effect of rotating direction,frequently flashing,swarming and twinking looks like firefly in the sky. Applicable: Disco,Blubs,KTV,Pub,Bar,Family party etc., Dimensions: 205*190*125(mm) N.W(KG): 0.8 G.W(KG): 1